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Just One Kiss

February 12, 2003
London, England.

"This is career suicide Jeannette, as your manager I must veto this."

"Rhonda, I appreciate that you are always looking out for the bottom line and my career but this time I must insist you let me be. Otherwise, you will have spent all these years cultivating a career for me that will go up in flames when I crash and burn. I need to get away from this infernal rain, the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd is making me sick instead of energizing me."

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know, I was going to Heathrow to get on the first plane to some place that seemed to intrigue me."

"Jeannette, you simply can't do that. I need to know where you'll be and ...."

"I promise, I'll keep in touch and check in from time to time. Just trust that I know what I need
Rhonda and I'm sure I can't get it in London. You'll look after Snoopy for me right?"

"Yes" Rhonda sighed knowing there was no talking to Jeannette once she made up her mind.

"Please be careful and protect that voice of yours at all costs. Silent Sundays are still very important."

"Yes Mum, now give me a hug and help me with this bag."

"Don't get fresh with me young lady or you won't have a career to come back to."

"I love you to Rhonda." She said with a sweet smile and hugged her manager of 8 years.

Jeannette was going to miss her brown Lab, but she needed a break badly and she knew just walking away from the theatre would never be enough. There would be command performances, the Prince's Trust and she was never very good at saying no. Last time she tried to walk away, Andrew Lloyd Webber created a musical for her. The black cab she had ordered was waiting for her in the back alley and she took one last look at her home for the last year and a half. The Marquee had already been changed while she was giving her last performance. Evita now stared Melissa Monroe. She was stepping into the cab when she heard her name being called.

"Miss Pierce, Miss Pierce, these are for you. There will only ever be one Evita in my books and it's you." The fan gave her a half dozen long stem red roses.

"Thank you that is so sweet. I'm glad I entertained you."

"Can I have your autograph please?"

"Sure what's your name?"

"Frank, Frank Wells. Is it true you are heading to Broadway to star in the revival of Oklahoma?"

"No Frank, there's one thing I know for certain, I won't be anywhere near Broadway. Thanks for
the flowers."

"You are welcome, I think you are just the best." He gushed.

"Thanks Frank, good bye."

"Where to Miss Pierce?"


"Which Terminal?"

"Pick one for me."

"Miss Pierce?"

"I'm serious, what ever Terminal you feel like going to is fine with me."

The driver decided to go to Terminal Four since he rarely dropped passengers off there. Jeannette groaned when he pulled up to the departures level knowing she didn't have much of a choice in destination from this Terminal. She didn't want to stay in Europe so she had two choices, Canada on Canadian Airlines or Australia with Quantas. She rationalized that Canada was too close to Broadway, not to mention colder than London and decided she was Australia bound.

I could hug a Kangaroo she muttered under her breath while waiting at the airline check in counter.

"May I help you Miss?"

"Umm yeah, I'd like to be on your next flight to Australia."

"We have a flight that leaves at ten tonight.."

"Oh joy oh bliss." She replied sarcastically.

"Is that a yes or no?"

"Fine, I'll hang around here for a few hours."

"Returning when?"

"A one way is fine for the moment."

"Unless you have a special visa Miss you are not permitted to stay for longer than three months."

"Fine give me a three month ticket then, just make it first class if I'm going to spend days in a flying sardine can."

"Passport and credit card please."

Jeannette handed over her British Passport and her platinum American Express Card. She was given her ticket and an ETA visa for three months and headed over to British Airways First Class lounge to wait for her flight to board.

Three and a half hours later she had both seats in row three and flipped open the in-flight magazine. For some reason, her eye caught the program list for in-flight entertainment and she shook her head when she saw what was playing on channel 4, The Best of the West End. Of the twenty selections of musical numbers she was singing ten of them. (I can't even escape my own bloody voice on a plane.) She opened her purse, extracted 2 sleeping pills from it's golden case and swallowed without any water. (With any luck I'll wake up in Sydney)

April 30, 2003

Jeannette finally moved from her favourite place when the sun started to set. She brushed the sand off her shoulder and made her way back to her private beach house. She had spent a week in Sydney before hopping over to Fiji and liked it so much she hadn't left. She had lead a simple existence, lying out in the sun all day, picking at the fruit her house keeper brought her for lunch and drinking tropical drinks. Doing nothing all day long, tired her out quickly so she'd retire to bed right after dinner. Her house keeper had told her she should go out and socialize at one of the neighbouring beach bars. Lily had told her there were quite a few handsome young men vacationing on the island but Jeannette never had the energy to go. She caught her naked reflection in the mirror and smiled. Her one piece bathing suit had quickly been replaced by a bikini and the bikini was quickly replaced by nothing. The beach was private and thus deserted which helped to make her inhibitions disappear in favour of the perfect deep golden all over body tan.

She barely resembled the pasty, white, exhausted Brit who left London behind almost three months ago. Her dark blonde hair had turned to a sandy light blonde, a deep dark tan made her look like a native and picking on fruits had trimmed twenty pounds from her average build to make her thin. Tonight was her last night in Fiji and she had decided to go to one of those beach bars to make Lily happy. Tomorrow afternoon, she'd be diving the Great Barrier Reef.
She opened her suitcase and pulled out a thin short floral slip dress and pulled it over her head. She took out a pair of thin silver sandals and slipped them on her feet. A yawn escaped her lips and Jeannette splashed some cold water on her face. I can't very well fall asleep at the bar now can I? she thought. She grabbed a bit of money and disappeared into the warm night air before Lily could see her and warn her about her dress.

Jon Bongiovi, had been in Fiji for two days. His gift to his family after the Bounce tour had ended. His wife wasn’t about to let a stranger baby-sit her 10 year old daughter, 8 year old son or one year old boy so she stayed at the resort and told him to go have a drink. He headed out to a tiny little beach bar that the Concierge had recommended. He was sipping on a Fosters when the door opened and she walked in. The splendid sunset was just enough to back light her form. With the light behind her, the thin material of the dress became opaque and Jon could see every splendid inch of her naked body. His eyes roved her body before settling on her tanned face. Her pale green eyes and light blonde hair, combined with a heavenly body did a quick number on him as his blood began to coarse rapidly through his body.

Jeannette sat down at the first available seat at the bar, not even noticing the blonde to her left. She ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and turned slightly in her seat. Her gaze was meet by the most amazing pair of deep blue eyes she had ever seen. Her eyes quickly scanned his face and she couldn't help smiling. He was unbelievably gorgeous and she took a long sip of her drink to attempt to cover up giving his body the once over. She started to feel a strange sensation in her body and downed the rest of her drink to help settle her nerves.

"Another please" she said to the Bartender.

Before she could blink, another tall glass was placed in front of her and she gulped most of it down. His eyes were roaming her body and it was making her heady and self conscience at the same time. She polished off the rest of her drink and ordered another one. (Alcohol gives you courage right?) She took another long sip of her drink, mustering up the courage to say something to the perfect specimen of a male sitting beside her. She licked her lips and turned to face him completely. "Hi"

"Well hello there."

(He’s American, but damn is he ever sexy. Why did I wait till my last night to come here?) Her hand unconsciously slid over to sit on top of his.

(Well I'd say that was an invitation. Quick review: she comes in here barely dressed, licks her lips, smiles at me, says hello and is now resting her hand on mine. I'd be out of my mind not to see where this leads. Shut up stupid you are married.) He leaned forward to speak but it was as if his lips were being magnetically pulled to hers. "My Name is Jon yours is?"

(What did he just say his name was? Oh who cares his lips are coming this way and Oh what a kiss.) "J.." She attempted to mumble before his tongue slid into her mouth to deepen the kiss.

The kiss took on a life of it's own and Jon knew if he didn't move fast he'd be making love to a total stranger in a bar. "Sorry I’ve got to go." he whispered huskily and took off like a shot.

She pouted and ordered another drink. Several hours later a handsome brunette with deep blue eyes entered and sat down beside her. They started talking and before he knew it he was kissing the enchanting British girl. They rose as one, still locked in a searing kiss. Sam tossed some money on the bar and led her out the door. The quickest route back to his hotel room was from the back of the bar so he steered them in that direction. The kiss intensified dangerously and he pinned her up against the side of the building. Her hands ran through his hair keeping them engaged in the kiss that had robbed her of any logical thought.

His hands slid down her back until they were on the back of her bare thighs. She moaned as he slid his hands under the dress to caress her firm buttocks. Jeannette pressed her body against his, grinding her pelvis against him. Sam moved to look in her eyes and felt her unzipping his shorts, releasing him from prison. He picked her up, pushing her back against the wall, while she wrapped her legs around him and whimpered as he entered her and began making love to her. Theirs was a frantic union of uncontrollable lust and desire unlike anything either of them had ever experienced nor would ever experience again after that night. When the last explosion of pleasure wracked her body she slid down him to the deck. He caught her in his strong arms and placed a sweet kiss on her throat. He took hold of her hand and started to lead her back to his room. They had just made it onto the Resort property when he looked into her eyes and recognized the burning desire that was mirrored in his own eyes. The front porch of his Villa was in sight as his hand slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulder and let the dress hit the sand. He lowered them both down to soft sand and made love to her once more.

Jeannette woke up and felt the cool sensation of 400 count Egyptian sheets wrapped loosely over her body. She couldn't remember how they made it into his room, she remembered the back of the bar, the sand, the chair on the porch but she couldn't remember exactly how they managed to keep their hands off each other long enough to get inside. She looked at the clock on the bed side table and panicked. Her plane was leaving in four hours and she didn't even know where she was. She slid out of the bed and wandered around looking for her dress. She couldn't find it anywhere but something told her to open the door; looking out she saw her dress sitting on the sand about 70 feet out where it had landed once he relieved her of it. Propping the door open with her sandal she ventured out a bit further from the door. Jeannette didn't see anyone in sight so she dashed out to retrieve her dress, slipping it quickly over her head before returning to the room. She noticed a notepad on the table and scrawled a fast note on it before stealing one last glance at the gorgeous stranger who had given her a night of passion she'd never forget and walked out the door with no idea where she was. Jeannette wandered along the beach until she recognized a path that lead her to the front of her beach house. Lily was waiting inside frantic over Jeannette's disappearance.

Jeannette calmed Lily down telling her that she simply fell asleep on the beach and went to pack up the few remaining articles she had left for the last minute. She thanked Lily for taking care of her for the last two months, promised to send her a letter when she got back home and left. She asked the driver if he knew what resort she had been in the night before but her vague description couldn't help the driver at all and he told her she could have been at any one of the resorts that line the beach. She sighed and decided maybe it was best that she knew nothing about the tall handsome young man she'd spent the night with.

Sam woke up expecting to feel the silky smoothness of her skin beside him; instead he found an empty bed. He sat up straight in bed to call out to her when he realized he had no idea what her name was. He closed his eyes and tried to remember what she had said in the bar but all he could remember was how soft her lips were. He thought maybe she was out on the porch and wrapped the sheet around him to check. On his way to the door he noticed the note on the table and stopped to look at it.

Thank you for a night to remember. I'll never forget my last night on this island.

Sam went back to the bar and noticed a guy sitting at the bar who looked familiar. He sat down beside him and asked the bar tender if he knew who the British girl was.

"Blonde hair, pale green eyes, sheer dress?" Jon asked with a grin overhearing the guy.

"Yes. Do you know her?"

"Only that she’d be the end of my marriage if I did what my body was telling me too. One kiss made me forgot about my wife and kids for a few seconds. Never forget that face or body though"

"Me either, dude me either."

June 29, 2008
London England

"Jeannette, I really think you should postpone this little vacation of yours. Need I remind you what happened last time you decided to run away from the theatre."

"Rhonda, you know darn well I could never forget what happened last time. I swear I'm only going for a week this time not a year. I just need to get away and think on my own for a bit. I'm at the cross roads of my career and I simply can not make up my mind in this city. I was thinking of leaving right after the curtain closes tonight."

"You can't leave tonight! You have to be at the Palace for ten."

"I'm missing dinner I don't see why I even have to be there."

"Young Lady you were invited by his Serene Highness and you accepted two months ago."

"Two months ago, I had no idea I'd be leaving in the morning."

"You are going and that's final, now finish getting dressed intermission is almost over."

"I'm so bloody tired of singing that song."

"Well you won't have to sing it again after tonight just keep thinking of that."

"Two lost souls on the highway of life, we ain't even got ....." Jeannette sang showing her contempt for the song.

"Jeannette, watch it you did win the Tony for playing Lola."

"I know Rhonda, I just hate this song so much. I like What Ever Lola Wants."

"Of course you do, you get to be the vamp. Now finish your tea and get out there."

Jeannette was called back on stage for three encores and was presented with a dozen white roses from the company of Damn Yankees. She thanked the company and the audience and stepped off the stage. No one, not even Rhonda, knew it might be her last performance ever. She slipped into a black lace dress worthy of Lola and a pair of strappy high heels. The limousine Rhonda had ordered was waiting for her in the alley and Jeannette was on her way to Buckingham Palace.

Jeannette managed to sneak into the Grand Ballroom without notice and accepted a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. She noticed the perpetually cheerful designer that grated on her nerves and went in the opposite direction. She noticed a famous musician and smiled while looking for a quite place to hide.

Jon was left alone, he scanned the room for a face he recognized and his eyes made contact with the bubbly designer he had sat beside during dinner. When she started to move in his general direction, Jon made a bee line across the ball room to escape from her before she bored him to death. (Sambora where the hell are you) He ended up standing behind Prince Charles and a man who looked vaguely familiar

"Tim, it's such a shame Jeannette is leaving the production. Edward was trying to talk her into doing a show for his production company but she regretfully declined saying she had already made commitments. I assumed you roped her into another role."

"No we wanted her on Broadway for our revival of Grease but she turned us down too. Word is she's taking another one of her breaks."

"Well, she certainly works hard enough to deserve a break."

"Charles, didn't Edward tell you what happened last time she went away?"

"No do tell, Oh wait.......... Jeannette dear, come over here."

(I've been summoned no escaping now.) "Your Highness so wonderful to see you again. Hello Tim and I'm afraid I don't know the gentleman standing behind you."

"Sorry chap, didn't know you were waiting to talk to us." Tim said.

Jon had his back to them and turned around to answer the man he finally realized was Tim Rice.

"That's OK I was.............." His sentence dropped when he realized whom the men had been talking to.

Jeannette looked up at that moment and all the blood drained from her head. The gentleman was the man she almost spent one unforgettable night with in Fiji.

"Oh my God." They both said in unison before Jeannette fainted. Jon grabbed her before she hit the floor.

"Tim, call Rhonda and let her know what happened. Jon do you know Jeannette?" The Prince asked.

(So that's her name.) "Sort of, we go way back."

"Well, if you'd like to pick her up we can get her into one of the sitting rooms."

Jeannette came to ten minutes later and assured the Prince she was merely exhausted and hadn't eaten all day. The Prince left her alone with Jon for a moment despite her efforts to leave.

"Well hello there, we meet again."

"Yeah" Jeannette replied weakly realizing that her killer Fiji kiss was with Jon Bon Jovi.

"There was a guy looking for you the next day."

"I had left, did you know him?"

"No, we just both agreed that we’d never forget your lips or face."


The door burst open and Rhonda came rushing in with a little blonde girl in her arms.

"Mommy are you OK?"

(Tonight could not get any more embarrassing) "Yes Sweetie I'm fine, I just fainted."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fine, Rhonda why don't you both go to the car and I'll say good bye to the Prince and join you." (Will this day ever end? My brain is about to explode)

Jon took a step closer to look at the little girl and froze in his place. (Holy crap, if I didn’t know better.) He looked more intently (Her mother's hair, azure blue eyes, dimples, her mother's nose, whoa this is scary.)

"Hi Sweetie, my aren't you pretty. How old are you?"

"I'm five"

(Jon all you did was kiss the girl, this can’t be your daughter no matter how much she looks like she could be.) "Five is a great age, you look pretty in your sun dress."

"Thank you."

Jon noticed motion at the door and Richie walked in. He noticed Jon, then the pretty blonde who had smiled at him earlier and finally the little girl who was smiling warmly at Jon. He did a double take when the girl made a duck face at Jon. (Holy fuck, she’s Jon’s)

"Bro, what is going on here?" Richie asked looking wildly at his best friend.

Jon knew exactly what Rich was thinking but he couldn’t very well blurt out she’d not mine dude. "Jeannette fainted and I happened to be there and saved her from hitting the floor."

"Thank you once again Mr. Bon Jovi but I’m feeling much better now."

Rhonda kept looking from the rock star, to Chantal, to Jeannette and back again. The scandalous headlines began flashing across her eyes and she wanted to murder her oldest client. Jeannette caught the look Rhonda was giving her and knew there was no way she’d believe her, let alone give her a second to say anything.

"Rhonda please take Chantal home, she needs her rest since we are going to the country house in the morning. I have to apologize to the Prince and eat something."

"I’ll be waiting up young lady. We have soooooooooooo much to talk about." Rhonda replied her
voice dripping with venom.

"See you in the morning darling, give me a kiss."

Chantal went over to her mom and gave her a big hug and a kiss. She went over to Jon and presented her hand for a shake.

Jon lifted her small hand and gave it a kiss. "It was a pleasure meeting you Chantal."

"You too Mister."

Rhonda glared at Jeannette and the two rock stars and left. Jeannette dropped her head to her knees and covered them with her hands.

"Jon, when were you going to tell me you have another daughter?"

"I admit the resemblance is uncanny but that adorable little girl is not mine."

"She would have been, if you didn’t leave me that night." Jeannette sighed.

"So that guy..."

"Yup he kissed me and didn’t run away. We ended up making love several times and nine months later Chantal was born. Not that Rhonda will believe a word I say. Oh God, I don’t want to face her tonight."

"Why don’t you come back to my hotel with me and I’ll order you room service. You can crash and I’ll take the couch."

"Jon, do you really want to have a photographer taking your picture going in to a hotel?" Richie hissed. (The press won’t care when the paternity test comes up false, they will have made their money.)

Jon ignored his sensible friend, he didn’t want to let Jeannette out of his sights. She still had the same intoxicating effect on him and this time he was a divorced father of four, not a married father of three.

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Sunstreaked said...

I like the start of this story. Cool that Jon walked away five years ago, oh wow that she had a baby with "Sam", and now Jon's back and divorced!

As seems to happen, your descriptions are wonderful and your dialogue is first rate. I could see all this happening and it is easy to have empathy for all the characters.

Really good job and sure does make me want to read more!